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    Thanks for a graet plugin!

    1. When require approval of listings is active and a listing has been approved, the vendor can make changes to the listing that goes live without a new approval. Would be nice to be able to choose if a new approval is required.

    2. Have you though about adding an auction plugin?

    With best regards,




    1. There’s no re-approval by default, please let me know if listings are set as “pending” when you update them, this may be a bug. Re-approval is required only if you marked some attribute as moderated.

    2. It’s not planned at the moment, but there’s a marketplace extension that allows selling listings


    1. Okay thanks. I found the setting for the attributes. I suggest a setting to be able to choose which of the default listing values (title, images, location and description) that would need a re approval. Think of a vendor adds an image that you approve and later on changes that picture to a pornographic / racist picture, that would be devastating for your site and could lead to someone pressing charges.

    2. I have another feature request for an extension, have you though about adding an extension for users so they are able to set alerts for listings?

    Once again, thank you for an excellent plugin/theme. The more I use it, the more I love it. 🙂

    With best regards,



    @bb Point 1 is a good one. But it might be overwhelming to inspect all posts if the site grows big.

    Would it be nice if there was an option in Report Listing to check a box of the attribute which is an issue – so it involves less typing and can be easily seen by Admin or Editor etc.

    – i just did a test – and Reported a Listing.
    I am not able to see a report in the Admin about it – where must I look.

    Also there is no Bulk Approve Listing option – will be great to have it.



    @unitehearts I disagree. I think that’s how I site should work that everything should be approved. I’ve never seen a listing site that approves everything live when you add the listing. I think it would be nice as an option so the site owner can choose which way to operate the site.



    1. Sure, I plan to implement this for the default attributes.

    2. Yes, it’s on the roadmap and will most likely be released in mid-June.

    The listing report form just sends an email, at the moment reports are not stored in the database.


    @bb It’s now possible to set search alerts with this extension


    @ihor, ok cool thanks! 🙂 Well done!

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