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Unable to define header image

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  • gbru316

    I just installed the listinghive theme and I cannot define a header image. I’ve uploaded various sizes of .jpg image and when I an prompted to crop, the “crop” function does not work and returns the error “there has been an error cropping your image.”

    When I skip cropping, I do not get an error but the image does not populate the header image field.

    Any suggestions?

    ihor developer

    Please make sure that your hosting plan meets all WordPress requirements, I tried to set a header image on a fresh WordPress installation and it seems to work (I skipped cropping) https://prnt.sc/rjrdye Also header image can be overridden by individual pages, for example if you set featured image for this page.


    Mee too, even if I install php-gd and php-imagick, skipping or not image cropping can’t even see se section tag with the bg image.
    And can’t figure out how to set the top left logo… what I’m doing wrong?


    ihor developer

    If possible activate any other theme that also supports header images (for example Storefront https://wordpress.org/themes/storefront/) and check if this issue remains. If it occurs only with ListingHive please send temporary WP access to support@hivepress.io and I’ll check it.


    With Storefront theme is working. I’m working on a clean installation of last version of WordPress and ListingHive/Hivepress using a local dev env apache2/php7.2
    Before while cropping I had the sam issue of gbru316 then I installed gd and imagik and I don’t have anything on error.log :-\
    Can be something related to the new WP release? I don’t need to solve now, just consider it as a issue report.

    Thank you.

    ihor developer

    Thanks for the details, I’ll check this before releasing the next version.

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