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    1) Делаю статические страницы и не могу найти способа вывести фильтр, каким шорткодом или каким скриптом это возможно сделать?
    2) При использовании фильтра пропадает изображение заголовка как сделать дабы изображение не пропадало, хотяб укажите какую страницу править?
    – Буду благодарен если поможете решить эти 2 вопроса.

    1) I’m making static pages and can’t find a way to display the filter, what shortcode or what script can I do it?
    2) When using the filter, the header image disappears. How to make it so that the image does not disappear, at least specify which page to edit?
    – I would be grateful if you can help solve these 2 questions.


    1. There’s no such block at the moment, the filters form is built into the search results page. I plan to add full integration with Gutenberg and/or Elementor so any page will be customizable.

    2. Sorry, but this requires customizations, if you mean the header section like on the home page it’s just custom content added to the page, while the search results pages have a basic layout required to view, filter, and sort search results.


    @ihor Как редактировать страницу результатов?


    If you’re familiar with PHP you can override it via the “hivepress/v1/templates/listings_view_page” hook, here’s an example of changing the number of columns https://hivepress.io/support/topic/add-one-or-two-columns-in-categories/#post-6469

    Please create a new topic if you have any other issues.


    Спасибо, буду пробывать


    If think what he meant is the same question I asked before – why there is two types of “category” pages? If you choose category through filters and in menu you get two different results. It would be nice if theme could be consistent with headers not disappearing randomly on some pages and coming back up on others. If someone thinks a search results page shouldn’t have header – than it can be done in “page customization” in word press.


    Thanks, I’ll consider adding an option for this. Category pages and search results pages are different in WordPress, if it’s a search results page then the category is just one of the taxonomy filters.



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