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    I had some attributes for my categories. When I made they shown on specific categories as I set. I don’t know why everything got changed. Even when I am submitting listing for certain listing, it does not open the form for filling details. It just says that your listing is pending. I don’t know what is the problem, is there some kind of bug.

    Hoping for an early response.


    Check in Settings if you have not unchecked Moderate each listing


    If you mean that the “Add Details” step in the listing submission process is skipped, this issue may occur if there were some auto-drafts created when you edited listings via back-end. You can try registering as a new user and submitting a new listing.


    @ihor I’m having a similar issue in part, as in editing listings via back-end is generating an error. Does this mean that listings cannot be edited by the site administrator? The issue does not occur if no claims or edits occur.

    Would really like to resolve issue before site goes fully ‘live’. Does the site admin need to create an account as a new user? as I would like to restrict users from the back-end, including when signing up for the first time i.e., total front-end use only for vendors?


    Please let me know what error you get, is there some error message? Administrators can edit any listings via back-end, but on the front-end, only vendors can edit their own listings. Vendors don’t have to access back-end at all, listings are fully editable via the front-end forms.

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