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Updates failed?

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  • Aizen


    Using latest version of WP, when I try to update Hive Press it says update failed, also on the theme same thing?

    However HP shows the newer version despite saying failed. Also I can’t see any changes to anything? Is there an update/feature log to see whats changed? That way I can tell if it’s changed or not?



    ihor developer


    Please post the full error message, maybe the plugin files on your site are not writable so they can’t be updated, or there’s a connection issue? I tried to update HivePress on a test installation and it seems to work.

    There’re no front-end changes, but I rebuilt the whole framework from scratch and this will speed up the development and ease the maintenance, there’re huge improvements in API, caching, queries etc. Also a few minor features (message storage limit, review submission options etc.) and there were a lot of minor bug fixes (reported on the forum). Please let me know if you find any new bugs, I’m sure there will be because there’s a new codebase.

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