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Urgent Bug

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  • Aizen

    Hi Ihor,

    First urgent bug I hadn’t noticed – I can no longer submit listings on any of the sites. The error I get is;

    “” field contains an invalid value.

    But no fields have any invalid fields and it doesn’t tell me which field… Please help.

    Non Urgent bugs;

    I can no longer use the keyboard to select options within an attribute from the front end. I.E I have an attribute for eye colour, I would use the tab key to highlight the attribute then type B on my keyboard and it would select ‘Brown’ then I would tab to the next attribute option and do the same. This function has completely ceased.

    Another issue, is the attributes that use checkboxes are no longer displayed alphabetically – these options were all set with a sorting of 0 and this made them show alphabetically prior to the update. After the update, they are all jumbled up.

    Another useful option to add, would be a ‘select all’ checkbox.




    The urgent error I first listed seems to have resolved itself after updating the reviews plugin! The other issues still remain. Thanks

    ihor developer


    Thanks for your feedback, this is a known issue and I’ll make a quick fix tomorrow. It occurs only if you attempted to create a listing before updating HivePress, so it will not occur for new users. Please let me know if you find any other bugs until tomorrow.

    ihor developer

    Forgot about other questions:

    – I replaced the default select fields with Select2, as far as I know they have no search by keyboard (but there’re a lot of other necessary features, for example loading results via API, convenient multiple selection etc.), but as soon as there’re 20 items the search field should appear inside the drop-down.

    – This will be fixed in the next version, if there’re no items with non-zero order then the alphabetical order will be used.

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