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Urgent: redirection and additinal info

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  • tmiletic021

    I have published a website where people can sign up and post ads.

    But after someone signs up (when they click on +add listing button), they create an account, then they get redirected to “my account” page.

    There is no context because i can not add additional info, to tell them something like:

    “welcome to your account page. Click on the plus icon to add a new listing”

    We are allready getting a lot of compains about that. Its not user friendly at all…how much would it cost to pay for a pro version? Do you have it?

    And the other step: when people click on “add listing”, the category page is shown. I would like to add there: “First choose the category for your listing”


    ihor developer

    There should be a redirect the same page if they click “Add Listing” and then register. So there should be a redirect to the first step of the listing submission process (selecting a category). There’s a “Select Category” title above categories, please try submitting a listing on the demo site and let me know if it’s different on your site The user flow is pretty intuitive:

    1. User clicks “Add listing”.
    2. There’s a “Sign In” form, or registration form model.
    3. User is redirected to the first step of the listing submission process, each step has a title that suggests what to do, like “Select Category”, “Add Details” etc.

    Please let me know if you find any bug or you have a feature suggestion, there’s no pro version but this doesn’t mean that the free one will not be reliable, I’m working on improving it every day.


    Thank you for such a detailed answer!

    This is the situation:

    1. user registers to submit a listing
    2. he gets red. to my account page
    3. he doesnt know what to do, becuase now he sees the contact form to edit his profile

    If he wants to add a listing he has to choose the icon plus (on mobile) or go again to the button add listing on desktop…and that is what i said about not beeing user friendly…

    ihor developer

    Please let me know where this redirect occurs, if the user clicks on the “Add Listing” button first, and then registers, there should be a redirect to the listing category selection, not to the account page.


    Yes, it goes to account page.

    ihor developer

    If this issue remains when you disable other plugins please send temporary WP access to and I’ll check it.

    John Sherman

    Site Down after new update.1.3.4
    There has been a critical error on your website.

    Learn more about debugging in WordPress.

    ihor developer

    Please send the error details from the error log (should be available via the hosting panel or FTP). I updated HivePress on both local installation and demo site, seems ok

    ihor developer

    I released a quick fix, please try updating and let me know if this issue remains.

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