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URL embedding of videos – Size of Thumbnails – too large

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    @Ihor – I am exploring new things – i tried to embed videos – this comes out quite nicely and it is possible to put them on the Secondary Block and on Page Secondary.
    However there is an issue with the size of the video – it does not self adjust. It shows very large.
    Can you please help with this ?

    Good thumbnail sizes on the Block and a reasonable size on the Page would be good.
    Also can it be made to adjust on the mobiles and tablets too.

    Thank you very much


    HivePress embeds videos via WordPress oEmbed functionality You can try using third-party plugins for customizing the embedded videos, such as Embed Plus for YouTube.


    i tried activating the plugin – but nothing happens.
    Perhaps I dont know how to add code in the attribute in %value% to incorporate the sizing.


    You can check the plugin settings, you don’t have to change anything in the attribute settings since this plugin applies it’s settings to all embeds.


    @Ihor – I made another fresh install of WordPress – no buddpress – and just Hivepress mostly.
    On this also same issue with Video embeds. There is only one default embed size – and it does adjust on mobiles or on web view – if we change the browser size to smaller or bigger – not responsive.



    I realised the issue. But I dont have a solution, It is specific with Hivepress Listings.
    I installed a new WordPress – and Hivepress. Installed Embed Plus as you said.
    When i make a new Post – it embeds the Youtube automatically – using the Block editor. It shows on the Post also.

    Now I tried to Create a New Listing as Admin in Hivepress.
    It does recognise the Youtube URL – it accepts it and immediately shows a Video.

    But when I update the page – somehow it gets shown as a link only in Listing.

    When I have an attribute as Embed Video – then the Video gets Embedded in the Listing without an Adjustment possible when the page size changes or viewing on mobile.

    So it seems some code in Listing is undoing what Embed Plus is doing.

    I hope this helps you to find a solution. Thank you very much


    I can’t seem to find any solution for this problem – hope you can guide me.


    There’re no embed options in HivePress yet, the embed attribute just uses the WordPress oEmbed functionality to turn the URL into an embedded media. The only thing you can try is use some third-party plugins for altering the embed size, appearance, etc.


    @ihor – this seems to be a persistent bug for me – if i make a regular post – then embed is perfect using Embed plus.
    But if I use an Attribute – and make it Embed – then it does not work.
    it just has one size of video


    Please let me know what you mean about the video size, in attributes it’s limited by the container width (e.g. it’s 1/2 for the secondary area, or the sidebar width for the primary).


    It makes only one size – and this same size is shown in the primary and secondary too – block also.

    This is very surprising and i can’t understand why.

    But if I make a normal post – then it is Responsive.

    Through HIvepress – Embed Attribute – not responsive.



    I discovered that putting in Site Origin CSS
    span {
    display: flex;
    solves the problem with Video embedding – but creates issues with all the other Attributes – wherein they all are shown in the next line – not adjacent to the Attribute Name

    Please let me know what is the exact code for just the Video..


    I can’t reproduce this locally, YouTube videos are responsive in “Page (secondary)” area. Please make sure that “Responsive for all YouTube videos” option is checked, not just for those added via Embed Plus. HivePress itself doesn’t implement any embed options, it just allows converting URL into an embed (the built-in WordPress functionality).


    Does the embed video feature work properly on your demo site – please share what method you are using – so i can rectify the mistake on my site. Thank you very much
    I have checked that option “Responsive for all YouTube videos”


    Here’s a screenshot The video seems to be responsive because it maintains the aspect ratio. Please make sure that there’re no customizations or third-party styles (e.g. if you don’t use ListingHive theme) that may break the responsive videos.

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