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Use ListingHives templates in another theme

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    I’m using the Jobify theme for Wp Job Board on my page. Is it possible to copy the templates for the different pages from the ListingHive theme to my theme? If yes, what files and where should I put them? I’m using a child them.

    I already have a registration and login page that I’d like to use and I’ve read this topic on how to redirect the login/register to them (

    Thank you for a great plugin! I really love it and I’m looking forward to the new features that’s in the roadmap.

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    Please answer this post and not the original because I didn’t check “Notify me of follow-up replies via email” on the original post. Thanks. /bb


    As far as I know, Jobify theme is based on WP Job Manager plugin, if you use it together with HivePress there may be conflicts since it duplicates most of the HivePress functionality (account page, listing submission, listing search, etc). I highly recommend using ListingHive theme if you use HivePress because copying its styles and layouts to another theme and fixing conflicts with another listing plugin may require a lot of customizations.

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