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user login form block

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  • ozy

    Hello good day, having issues with user login form block. it doesn’t show up after update and preview.

    Also there’s list a property icon for vendors to list their property/services however how can I get a icon for ‘sign in’ for user registration. So you have both vendors and users sign in icons, thank you.

    yevhen developer

    Please try to view this page as a non-registered user, this form is displayed to non-registered users only so it may be hidden in preview mode. The List a Property button basically means “register as a host and list the first property”, there should be a Sign In link in the same header section. Please let me know if I am missing something.


    Thank you got it, tried to test out registration on the ‘List a Property button’ doesnt seem to work though not signed in as anything as well just testing registration.

    yevhen developer

    If the login/registration form does not work please try disabling third-party plugins, this may be a caching issue. Please send any extra details that may help to resolve this, e.g. if there is some specific error message, or steps to reproduce this.


    Hi im doing a test run of my website used the rentalhive plugin. However have tried to register as a new user on the website as a test and it sends this message Please check your email to activate your account. only thing sent to email is the new users login password and no activation link or instruction so i cant actually login in.


    Actually I have received the email for activation link took a few minuets.

    Is there a way to add text to the sign up/ registration page when new user or exiting user is trying to sign up or login. i want to add a text asking users during registration to check junk mail for any activation code emails.

    ihor developer

    Please try setting up a plugin like this one If you set up SMTP or link your site with trusted email services like GMail and Sengrid this will improve deliverability.
    It’s possible to add instructions with this code snippet: You can also customize the “Please check your email to activate…” text via Loco Translate


    Hi ihor thank you got it done.

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