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    Hi Ihor,

    Another useful feature that I would be very happy to sponsor is Custom User registration. I’ve gotten feedback and a lot of users (especially in the USA), find it confusing registering for an account, and submitting a listing.

    It would be useful to simplify the process by adding some customizations, features such as requiring a newly registered user to complete their profile and enabling mandotory fields etc might be of benefit, as well as role types – allowing registering users to choose between 2 or more types of accounts such as;






    Thanks for your suggestion, I plan to add some setting for adding custom registration fields (in the same way as listing attributes).

    Sharne from Hi5

    Hey Ihor!

    I’m looking for the same thing. I would like Users and Vendors to have 2 different registration forms, so that the Vendor can create a company profile with different fields to that of the user.

    Because at the moment the Vendors section (page) shows First Name Last Name, but it should show Company Name for our purposes.

    Do you have a date in mind when this feature will be available?


    I added this feature to backlog so it will be implemented, but there’s no ETA yet. Please consider adding a company name field as a vendor attribute (it’s already possible), and using the first and last name fields for details of a contact person of this company (someone manages the vendor profile anyway).

    Sharne from Hi5

    Thanks Ihor!

    I will do that! The only problem is, the vendor form needs to differ from the user form, but at the moment there’s only 1 profile it seems, even though vendors are different from users.

    Also, on the vendor page view, it shows first name last name, but we would like it to show vendor name (company name).

    Can you help me with that?

    I can’t seem to find the pages for /account/settings etc. so that I can edit the fields. Please help!


    Please consider adding vendor attributes in Vendors/Attributes section, and mark them as editable on the front-end, in this way you can add custom fields, they will be displayed only if user has at least one listing (so user is a vendor). Users and vendors share only a few common fields: profile image, first/last name, description. These common fields are used for both users and vendors.

    I plan to add an option for selecting the “display name” for vendors, currently it’s based on the first name, but there will be an option for selecting the vendor name source.

    Sharne from Hi5

    Thanks Ihor!

    So far I’ve implemented a plugin called Ultimate Member, with which I’m able to create 2 registration pages with different fields that assign different roles (I created Jobseeker and Company), and then limit page access according to those roles (eg. Jobseeker can’t see Add Listing and Billing info).

    I’ve hidden your original Sign in and Add Listing menu items, and created new ones that are only shown to Company profile.

    Still working on it but pretty happy with the results so far!

    Warm regards,


    Would be very interested in what you came up with. Am wanting a more robust registration where I can assign roles according to commitment or member level etc. Gather more information about the user and so on.


    Separate registration form for vendors is still on the roadmap, so if you mean vendors and not regular users you’ll be able to collect more details via vendor attributes. You can already add vendor attributes to the user profile form.

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