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  • drotobay

    On hivepress website, it says that users can rate or review a specific item or a vendor. However, I dont see where the user can specifically rate the order/product after the order is complete. I only see where they can go back and click on the vendor profile and rate the vendor from there. Is this something that can be setup different so when an order is complete the user can review the order or the vendor?

    ihor developer

    The Reviews extension is integrated with listings so it’s possible to review the purchased service (listing). You can also restrict reviews to buyers only in HivePress/Settings/Reviews section. The vendor rating is the average of the listing ratings.


    Ok is there a way to integrate the review with the specific order. So in the buyers order dashboard they can click on the order and click “Leave a Review” or something like that?

    ihor developer

    There’s no order-review linking (reviews are linked to listings at the moment), but if you restrict reviews to buyers only then customers will not be able to leave a review if they haven’t ordered the service (listing). You can also add some custom text to the order completion email, e.g. “Please don’t forget to review…”.
    Hope this helps.


    Does or will RentalHive have the same restriction that only buyers can review?
    I am asking as there is no restriction in “HivePress/Settings/Reviews” for me in RentalHive unfortunately.

    I want to make sure that users can only review a listing after they booked/bought it in order to prevent fake reviews. Does somebody know how to do that?


    Check the following:
    – WooCommerce > Settings > Products and restrict there!


    Thanks a lot! Have to admit that I haven’t had WooCommerce installed yet.. shame on me



    We are using TaskHive.
    I want to restrict reviews to buyers of the service only.

    In WooCommerce:
    WooCommerce > Settings > Products :
    – Enable reviews Enable product reviews = CHECKED
    – Show “verified owner” label on customer reviews = CHECKED
    – Reviews can only be left by “verified owners” = CHECKED

    In HivePress:
    Settings > Reviews :
    – Allow submitting multiple reviews = UNCHECKED
    – Manually approve new reviews = CHECKED

    Every user can leave a a review on any service.
    Did I miss something ?


    I forgot to mention, we are using the HivePress Reviews extension.

    yevhen developer

    Please note that WooCommerce implements its own reviews for products and their settings are not related to HivePress reviews. You can try checking the Restrict reviews to buyers only option in HivePress/Settings/Orders section, then only buyers will be able to leave reviews for HivePress listings.


    I didn’t see that !
    Thanks 🙏

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