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Users not on the website after registering

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  • hosegift

    Hi Team,

    I cannot find some of the registered users on the website even though i received the emails, that show that they registered. I cannot find them on the website.


    ihor developer

    Please check users in WordPress/Users section, it lists all the registered users. If you check the WordPress/Vendors section not all users may be available there because this section lists vendor profiles (and not all users are vendors, only those with at least 1 listing).
    Please try using our new community forum, this one will be switched to read-only soon


    Hi ihor thank you for your response.
    I did check the users in WordPress/Users section it did not list all the users

    ihor developer

    The WordPress/Users section lists all the users available in the database, if some users are not there please make sure that they have registered – this section is implemented by WordPress and it scans all the records in the wp_users database table.

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