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  • inzerat

    Hi, reviews are a great feature! But I think it would be even more wonderful and useful to be able to rate users as well.

    like this: https://ibb.co/yQwmq7c

    ihor developer

    Thanks, will consider adding this, it may be useful when HivePress is used for listing vendors only.


    Can it be done via solicited/ invites?

    ihor developer

    If this is implemented there will most likely be the same checks as with the listing ratings (e.g. with Marketplace extension the purchase is required).


    Just to clarify, you’re saying with HivePress alone reviews are unsolicited, but with marketplace installed users can’t leave reviews unless or until a purchase is made? correct?

    Then is it possible to slightly change the review extension and reuse it twice, where one allows for solicited reviews via private link ?

    ihor developer

    Not possible at the moment, reviews are public unless there’s some extension that is integrated with it and restricts reviews.

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