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    Hi! How I can add the select near the price field for monthly or daily price of item? Best regards!


    Please consider adding separate attributes for this (e.g. Price (daily), Price (monthly)), you can make the more important one searchable, and display both on the listing page. It’s not possible to switch the same price attribute and display 2 different values.


    Can we do it somehow? I can pay. It is very important for my startup. I need to do it in a way, that user can choose the filled price for month pay or day.


    I would be glad to help, but currently I don’t have time for custom work. Please consider adding 2 separate attributes for now (if the daily and monthly prices are not linked, e.g. if the monthly price is not cheaper than 30*daily price), it would be required even with the custom switcher because there should be 2 separate fields in the listing form.

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