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Varied Listing Expirations

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  • Aizen


    Is it possible to have more than one listing expiration time? for instance, what if I wanted 3 packages for listings – 1 expires in 7 days, another in 14 and the third in 28 days. Is this possible?

    I am new to HivePress and currently testing it out for a client.



    ihor developer


    It’s not possible at the moment, but will be in the next version, I’ll release it next week. Also there will be a package option for featuring listings.


    Amazing! I would like to donate to you also once this is released as I think your work is fantastic and should be support. Let me know how I can do this. I can make donations regular to help boost releases and new features.

    ihor developer

    Thanks, really appreciate your support! I created a PayPal donation link


    Amazing, I now see the donate button which I will do shortly.

    I see that you have released the new version with expiration – amazing and a big thank you.

    One question though – once a listing expires is there an email that is sent out to the person who has made the post? I’ve seen other listing plugins which send an email 3 days before, then once expired, then a follow up reminder email 3 days after. I think this would be a cool feature to add if it isn’t already embedded?

    I would be happy to sponsor this if it isn’t as I think it will really make this plugin stand out.

    On another note, I’ve noticed a bug when making payments. I will post it in the relevant section.

    ihor developer

    At the moment there’s no pre-expiration email, but I’ll consider adding this feature. Please note that there’s no re-activation feature at the moment, when listing is expired it’s moved to “Trash”, so it’s not possible to re-activate it via front-end yet.


    Hi ihor,

    It would be amazing if you could add a pre-expiration and post-expiration email. Additionally is it possible to add the feature to renew an expired profile? That would be amazing. Therefore the renewal email could potentially have a link to take the lister directly to renewing their listing. Rather than just telling them it’s expired.

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