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Vendor Attribut Restrictions

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  • Alex Zaits

    Chrome Browser

    HivePress > Membership has restrictions on Vendor attributes
    2 free Membership plans have been installed
    Basic plan for 60 days, attributes not selected
    Standard plan for 90 days attributes not selected

    IE Browser

    Logged in as an unregistered visitor on the ad page
    And I see that on the listing page in the Vendor block all Vendor attributes are open
    and on the vendor page, all vendor attributes are open
    Here is the printscreen

    Will you explain to me – is this right situation?


    Why are all the attributes of the vendor are open for unregistered visitors who do not have any plan, despite the fact that the vendor’s attributes are restricted in the HivePress Membership settings?

    Should the Vendor’s attributes be open in this situation? Please explain.

    ihor developer

    If you set the default restriction to Attributes in settings, all attributes are not hidden automatically. Attributes are considered “restricted” only if they are set for any of the plans. For example, if you have One, Two, Three attributes they are open by default. Then you set the Two attribute for the Basic plan, and Two, Three attributes for the Premium plan. Then it works this way:

    – The One attribute is available to any user
    – The Two attribute is revealed if users subscribed to the Basic plan
    – All attributes are revealed to subscribers of the Premium plan (since the One attribute is available to anyone, and the rest 2 attributes are revealed for this plan).

    Hope this helps.

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