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Vendor attributes not seen in My account->Settings

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    1.We added new attributes in vendor. We checked “Allow front end editing” and checked “Make this field required”.
    But these attributes are not seen by vendor when he clicks on “My Account->Settings”

    2. There are default attributes , First name, Last name etc.
    How can we make these fields “Required”


    Bump. I’m interested this solution too (just e-mail follow up on).


    Have you tried using different field names – those field names might be in use by hivepress.
    I had problems adding extra fields column called location, longtitude and latitude as they were al ready used in the background.


    Please make sure that this user you’re checking is a vendor (this user should have at least 1 listing for the vendor profile to be created). In the current version, all attributes appear in the settings form, so even if you make them required it’s not possible to force users to fill these fields on registration. There will be a separate vendor registration form in the next HivePress version, I plan to release it within 2 weeks.


    That’s explain everything. Some questions about this next ver. You said that will be separate registration form from vendor, but what about registrated users. I mean – If the simple user wants to change the nature of the account on vendor, will they be “forced” to complete the form before issuing an listing?


    Yes, if they want to submit a listing (so, become a vendor) there will be an extra step with the missing vendor details. Once all the required details are set this step will disappear from the listing submission process.

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