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Home Support General HivePress Vendor profile is not updating when changed in admin as stated in other thread.

Vendor profile is not updating when changed in admin as stated in other thread.

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    I imported content which shows “Brian’s” vendor profile. In the other thread you said to edit my admin profile name etc and it will update. It did not.
    “brian” is not a titled listing. If his profile were a listing I could edit it as suggested.

    I have added content, changed name and “Brian’s” profile does not update

    How do you edit vendor’s profiles ??? This is extremely important

    Also where can I find a list of dynamic generated pages? such as:
    specific vendor listings
    all listings
    specific vendor profiles
    all vendor profiles
    newest listings
    newest listings by attribute
    and other system generated pages

    ihor developer


    1. User and vendor profiles are merged, I’ll plan to make vendors editable in the same way as listings (with attributes etc.), but there’s no such feature at the moment. I updated HivePress a few hours ago, please check if the vendor name issue is resolved now.

    2. These pages are not stored in the database, they are just static templates with unique URLs.


    Hi Ihor,

    I also ran into the issue with Vendor edits. A user wants to change their vendor name – and they have changed their public display name but the vendor name hasn’t changed. Is there a solution you can suggest?

    PS: Sorry to jump into the thread!

    ihor developer

    Thanks for reporting this, I’ll release a quick update this week (will wait for a few days in case if any other bugs are reported).

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