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Vendors attributes in a multiple-choice list.

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    I gave the vendors attributes in a multiple-choice list.
    How to display this attributes?
    How to sort by these values?
    For example, I select a value from an attribute and display a list of vendors with that value.

    The website where I need help.

    Please help


    Please edit this attribute, you’ll see that there are options to make it searchable, sortable etc. Also, there’s a custom CSS snippet on your site that hides the top bar with the number of results and sorting options:

    .post-type-archive-hp_vendor .hp-page__topbar {
        display: none;

    If you remove it the sorting options will appear


    Ok, I know about this custom CSS snippet. I hide this because it does not work.

    If I edit this attribute it does not appear in sorting options.
    I checked all the options.
    Please see the screenshot below.


    Sorry for the confusion – selectable attributes can’t be sortable because they have no sortable values (they just contain a list of option IDs), you can make attributes like text, date, or number sortable.


    Thank you, so much for your reply.

    So, how can I create categories for vendors?

    e. g like this
    Houses, Apartments, Rooms


    At the moment categories are available for listings only (you can add them in Listings/Categories section, they’ll look the same way as on the demo site), there’s no such feature for vendors yet (while the search and custom attributes are already available).

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