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    Thanks for you plugin is very intuitive and usefull.
    I’m going to post a couple of features I think it is missing and hope to get you help.

    First I’d like to have the possibility to have the Vendors Pic and Name in the block’s of the listings.
    Is it something already possible in the current version? I’m not finding a way to achieve this.

    In the Vendor profile form, I’d like to choose the fields: for example users may not be private, but also companies and “Name” and “Last Name” could be misleading. Can you suggest a way to customize this part? Maybe hiding Name and Last Name somehow?

    Thanks a lot.



    1. This is already possible, but requires customizations. If you’re familiar with PHP you can check how vendor block is displayed on the listing page. HivePress defines templates as a block hierarchy (to match Gutenberg editor, I plan to make templates visually editable), so you can customize basically everything, and your customizations will be compatible with the future updates.

    2. I plan to separate user and vendor profiles sooner or later, I merged them to release vendor features earlier. This code snippet should hide the name fields:

    	function( $form ) {
    		unset( $form['fields']['first_name'] );
    		unset( $form['fields']['last_name'] );
    		return $form;
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