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Vendors Listing Search Page doesn’t show Header Image

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    Upon setting the vendors page in HivePress settings(HivePress -> Settings -> Vendors -> Vendors Page), the page doesn’t include the header image. It just has a search bar and then a sidebar and the list of vendors.

    Also, the page user is redirected to after searching for a keyword in listings, that page also doesn’t include Header Image.

    Is this expected?

    We would want to show the Header Image as well on every page. Is this possible?


    Yes, it works the same way on the demo site If you mean including the header section like on the home page this would require customizations, and it would take up space on every search (which can be really annoying on mobile devices). Please consider using the home page as the landing page (with the header section and other promotional content).


    Thank you for your quick response.

    But in case we want to put the same experience for users as on home page on any custom page, let’s say on ‘About Page’, what customization will it take?

    Will it be possible for you to share some code that we can use to make Header Image behaviour same on some other page?
    The image should be able to have text as well from Heading block present before ‘More’ block.

    Thank you


    If you mean pages created in the WordPress/Pages section there’s no simple code snippet for this, but it’ll be possible in the next ListingHive version. At the moment only the Home page has this feature (separating header/content with the “more” block).


    Perfect, thanks!

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