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Verified Listing – Different Icon & Description box

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  • interfx

    Two simple? questions about ‘verified listings’.

    1. Is there an easy to change the green check circle icon to something different? and how to do this?

    2. How have others added a block/modified to tell users what the green check circle actually means? Something simple in a widget block?

    Thanks in advance –

    ihor developer

    1. It’s easy to change the icon itself with this CSS snippet:

    .hp-listing__verified-badge::before {content:”\f024″}

    You can check the icon codes here

    2. There’s a “Verified” text on hover, you can try changing it via Loco Translate if there’s a different meaning, or you want to add some extended description.


    Hi Ihor,

    I’m having difficulty changing the badge icon as per the CSS snippet above. I’ve added it into the simple customization menu in appearance but it’s still not working.

    .hp-listing__verified-badge::before {content:”\f024″}

    This is the font awesome I’d like to use: <i class=”fas fa-wine-bottle”></i>. f72f. Do I change the f024 to f72f or am I missing something?

    Thank you.

    yevhen developer

    Yes, you are right


    Unfortunately it’s not changing the badge icon. Please advise.

    yevhen developer

    Please try this CSS snippet. I have just tested it locally and it seems to be ok

    .hp-listing__verified-badge::before {
    content: "\f72f";

    It’s still showing the shield but now it’s solid. Please advise.

    yevhen developer

    Could you provide link on your website?


    I can email you the link. Please provide me with an email.

    ihor developer

    You can send any private website details via email Please refer to this topic or add the steps to reproduce the issue when sending an email.

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