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Verified Listing? Meaning & block element Listing…

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  • jord56


    I was wondering what it means when a listing is verified? I see this inside the create listing page when creating a listing via the wp-admin panel.

    The reason I ask is because the “Listing” block element can’t filter non featured listings aka it shows both featured and non featured listings which I’m only wanting to show non featured listings. The only way I’m able to separate a featured listing from a normal listing is to make the normal listing verified and the featured listing not verified and then tick the boolean box “Display only verified listings”.

    So to help you visualize this I have to listing blocks on my home page one is to display only featured listings and the other listing block is only to display non featured listing this is where the problem is happening.

    if both the options below are not checked which means false then all listings show up even featured. I wish there was another option here to hide featured listings but show all the others ones.

    false: Display only featured listings
    false: Display only verified listings

    yevhen developer

    Thanks for your feedback, we plan to add more filtering options to the Listings block. The Verified checkbox is just an extra option that you can use for any purpose (e.g. as a custom badge to differentiate some listings/vendors on the front-end). It’s also used by the Claim Listings extension (listings are marked as Verified automatically once the claim is approved).


    O okay thanks for the information… wouldn’t happen to know when the filtering will be added to that block?

    ihor developer

    Sorry, there’s no ETA for this feature but HivePress is in the active development stage so we’ll update it as soon as possible.

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