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    I understand what it does when I mark a listing as featured; what does it do when I mark it as Verified?


    It’s just an extra option that you can use for any purpose, e.g. mark the most trusted vendors or listings. For example, this option is used by the Claim Listings extension, if the listing is claimed then it’s marked as “verified” and this means that it’s managed by the business owner (not the site admin).


    I see, can verified be displayed or sorted? If I wanted to make a page displaying verified vendors is there a block to display that checked field?

    I was also wondering about the green PRO label with the shield. How does a vendor achieve that and can it be customized by changing the words or icon? I don’t see it in the media library.

    Thanks ihor.


    There’s no such option yet, but it’s a nice idea to add it to the listings block settings. The “PRO” badge appears if you mark vendor as verified, it’s just renamed to “PRO” in TaskHive. You can rename it via Loco Translate in Loco Translate/Themes/TaskHive section.

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