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View Messages As Thread?

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  • justinbryeans


    I’m using the following snippet in order to have messages appear as comments in WordPress.

    	function( $comment_types ) {
    		$comment_types['message']['public'] = true;
    		return $comment_types;

    Is there a way to see all messages related to each listing as a thread?

    I’m using the theme and plugins to host a site for the hoidays where users in my area can post things needed and others can meet those needs by seeing listings and responding to the person who posted (vendor). Seeing all messages for a listing would be really helpful, as we have a small team that tracks each need (listing), and sometimes needs to help the people involved connect.


    ihor developer

    Sorry, there’s no simple code snippet for implementing this, this is a temporary fix for displaying messages since they are stored as comments of “hp_message” type, but merging them into threads on back-end would require custom implementation.


    Thanks for the reply. Is there anyone available for such an implementation?

    ihor developer

    I’d be glad to help, but we don’t accept customization requests at the moment, please consider hiring someone via Fiverr Messages are stored as comments of “hp_message” type, where sender ID is set in user_id field and the recipient ID is set in comment_karma field, so queries these comments from wp_comments table and grouping by user_id/comment_karma would group queried messages by threads. Hope this helps,


    Thank you! If you happen to know someone you’d recommend who’s done good work with customizations on LH, let me know? I’m hoping I can find someone quickly 🙂

    Thanks again!

    ihor developer

    Sorry, I can’t recommend a developer but if you describe the task like “query WordPress comments via SQL and display them in groups, allow selecting the comment author to view the comment groups” (without mentioning HivePress) then any developer with WordPress experience will be able to implement this.

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