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Want smoother way to submit listing

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    I really like your plugin but there is one issue that is annoying me. And it is when submitting new listings.
    As it is now the users have to go to a page to select category. As we have sub categories the user have to select categories on more than one page. And as we may have quite a few categories to choose from it will result in a lot of scrolling to find the right category for the users.
    I would have like to be able to provide a direct link to submit listing in a specific category and not go through several pages to get to the submit listings page. Is that possible? Is there any way to provide the user with such a link? If not I would like to have that or the option to select the category in a dropdown on the submit listings page.

    Because there is another issue on the submit listings page. You can’t see which category you have chosen. See this screenshot of the submit listings page.

    So by having a dropdown list with the categories then you would solve the issue of not being able to see which category you are about to submit a listing to. And you would also be able to provide a way to select category without going through x number pages.


    Thanks, I’ll try to improve the listing submission process (e.g. adding the current category to the “Add Details” page is on the roadmap).

    You can right-click on the category and select Copy Link, this URL will automatically select the category and redirect users to the “Add Details” page (if this category has no subcategories).

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