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Home Support Extensions Marketplace what happens once a person pays for a service, how do they upload their needs

what happens once a person pays for a service, how do they upload their needs

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  • happyman70

    once a person has bought a service, how do they then upload their requirements. at the moment, when you buy a service, it goes to checkout and does nothing else.

    I want to know how the person who has bought the service then goes from the checkout page to the page where they bought the service and how to they then upload their requirements,

    i wished the people behind the paid version of this theme and plugin gave as much attention to the instructions as it seems you have to guess.

    20 of my friends were going to buy this theme but they have decided to buy a different theme because they said there are no instructions on to use this theme. this really needs sorting out

    ihor developer

    In the current version customers can submit requirements via the Order Note field in the checkout form, also customers can send any extra details with attachments via messages (via the Contact Seller button on the order page).

    We’re constantly working on improving our products, but If you found a better theme for your website please send a refund request to The theme license includes fixing bugs in existing features and guidance about the theme (the terms are the same on ThemeForest or any other theme shop – it’s a software license), if some features required for your site are missing unfortunately we can’t help – the features you describe were never advertised. For example you can test the whole order process on the theme demo before the purchase, and we always answer any pre-purchase questions.

    I understand your frustration and we have a roadmap of many features that are going to be added , but there’s nothing I can do if these are immediately required for your site – I can only offer a refund and hope that you find a better solution for your website.


    you answer the tickets but never answer the question. also why launch a theme with no instructions. now can you answer the question.

    1. when a person buys a service, once they have made a payment it goes straight to the checkout page and then does not go back to the seller page. why is this happening
    2. there is no order note, so please explain the instructions of what to do

    i am not being funny, but there is a lot of positive reviews on google about this theme, but when i have done the research they are not real reviews. This theme has been out a long time now, but still no real instructions are provided.

    ihor developer

    I’m sorry if you found the support unhelpful. As you can see there are 292 pages of topics on this forum and we answered all of them, within 24 hours or less.
    We have no control over reviews on third-party websites and these reviews were added by people over the 3 years we’re working on our core solution HivePress.
    If the theme lacks features required for your site please try checking other themes, e.g. MicrojobEngine, Pricerr or Exertio, I sincerely hope they’ll provide better service and features – competition benefits everyone.


    again, ihor, you are not answering the question. how about taking the time to read the question and answer it instead of coming up with excuses. All people want who have bought the theme and extensions is to receive the support and post questions and to receive the answers to their questions. Now, please, answer the question that i have posted.

    ihor developer

    1. The checkout process itself is implemented in WooCommerce, it ends with the “Thank you” page. Then users can check their orders in My Account/Orders page, contact the seller, accept or reject the delivery, etc. We’ll try to improve the UX of this to make the order process as smooth as possible.

    2. Please check this field in the checkout form It should be available by default.

    I hope this helps, but unfortunately we can’t assist you anymore – the purchase is fully refunded – we find it impossible to provide support considering the threats and misunderstanding of the support scope we offer. Please check some TaskHive alternatives, for example Exertio theme on ThemeForest.

    I wish you good luck with your current & future projects.

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