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what is the requirements for the theme

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    When I try to apply hivepress theme its not working well. It seems broken. Also installatron_hide_status_test.php seems at plugins for requirement. Can I learn what is the php requirement for theme and how can I solve my problem.
    On the other hand is there hivepress full version and ıf there is how much its cost? and how can I buy it


    Please make sure that you have a WordPress installation of version 4.9 or later (many hosting providers offer 1-click WP installation). This is the only requirement, then you can follow these screencasts to install HivePress from your WP dashboard

    HivePress is free and has 7 free extensions, there’s no pro version, but there’re paid extensions instead. For example, if you want to provide users with listing statistics (views, visits etc) then you can buy this extension or if you want to charge users for viewing listings (for example you can hide phone numbers or email addresses)


    I am using wp 5.4 version. are there any other requiremet?


    There’re no other requirements, please make sure that your WordPress installation is not broken, I found a few topics that mention “installatron_hide_status_test.php” file, so this may not be a HivePress-specific issue

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