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When submitting an offer, send additional data

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  • Sergio

    Можно ли при подаче offer кроме текста отправлять какие-нибудь дополнительные данные, например цену или срок выполнения? И соответственно отображать эти данные в списке offers?
    When submitting an offer, is it possible to send in addition to the text any additional data, for example, price or deadline? And, accordingly, display this data in the offers list?

    ihor developer

    Yes, the Price field is added automatically if you also use the Marketplace extension. Also, you can enable offer attachments so sellers will be able to attach files. There’s no delivery time field at the moment, please consider adding these details to the offer text.


    Хм… Поле Цена у меня не габлюдается. Видимо,тут еще нужен WooCommerce ? Хотелось бы обойтись без WooCommerce. Можно ли пример сниппета для добавления дополнительных данных при отправке offer?

    Hmm … I don’t see the price field. Apparently, you still need WooCommerce here? I would like to do without WooCommerce. Is it possible to use an example of a snippet to add additional data when sending an offer?

    ihor developer

    Yes, it requires WooCommerce and the Marketplace extension to appear. If you’re familiar with customizations please try adding custom fields via hivepress/v1/forms/offer_make filter, but this may require further customizations (e.g. for saving and then displaying field values).

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