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  • mzvdesign

    Hi! I’m interested in your new theme! Maybe too much graphic elements there but I appreciate the effort to make a new theme. But again, I miss the abillity to create custom requests.

    ihor developer

    Thanks, glad you like it! If you mean the dots pattern it’s easy to remove it with a simple CSS snippet. Please let me know what you mean about custom requests, this may be added to the next update.


    Now it has lost its meaning, because users dont buy anything so they dont need custom requests (tasks)

    The plus button at the top should meaning as choose between create request or create listing, because the main target public are consuments. Did you think about it?

    I still think between taskhive and this experthive. Cathegories here looks more mobile user-friendly, but longer categories names with 2 words could make problems.

    And only experts should pay, so I’m a little worried about the success of the project, as more investment in advertising and SEO would be needed.

    About graphic elements, I like minimalistic flat (material) design and some shadows, lines looks for me “redundant”. I dont say it doesnt looks good. I think it looks realy great and for this reason Im considering to buy this theme. Realy! I like your design.

    I would buy it right away, just thinking for the reasons above. I would like to combinate between these themes 😉 Because probably I need more taskhive (for freelancers portal) but this version is more beautiful and mobile friendly.
    On the other hand, with Experthive I would be relieved of the obligation to make decisions of disputes and payments


    Post request could be a paid service maybe as well. – Idea


    I decided to use Experthive. Actually it is what I was looking for at begin. I still have to figure out what full warranty and limited warranty means 🙂


    Maybe for me is missing preview image of service instead of vendors photo. hmmm…

    ihor developer

    1. Thanks for your feedback, it actually makes sense to switch the Post a Request/List a Service styles for ExpertHive.

    2. Sure, you can try using it if its design is more suitable for your project. The Warranty field just demonstrates the possible options, it’s just a custom field that you can remove after the demo content is imported.

    3. Yes, ExpertHive is more focused on vendor profiles so there’s a vendor image instead of the listing one.

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