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Where to change $ into € in ExpertHive

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  • antz

    i can’t find where I can change this for the budget and offers.

    yevhen developer

    Please check this tutorial


    Hi, I do have the Marketplace app extension and am not using Woocommerce, but can’t seem to find where those Listings > Attributes section is.
    Can you please point me to the right direction?

    How to change the currency symbol
    If you don’t have the Marketplace extension installed (along with WooCommerce) please edit the Price attribute in the Listings > Attributes section and edit its Display Format. If you have WooCommerce installed, please change the currency symbol in the WooCommerce > Settings section.

    yevhen developer

    The Marketplace extension requires WooCommerce to work (it uses WooCommerce payment gateways). If you enable both Marketplace & WooCommerce (this is required only if you intend to process payments directly via your website) please change currency in WooCommerce settings. Otherwise please change it in WordPress/Listings/Attributes section (you can find this menu item in the WordPress panel menu).

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