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Where to see and find list of vendors

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    Hi ihor,

    Where can I find the list of vendors on my site on wordpress backend editing?



    It’s hidden for now, it’ll become available in WP dashboard as soon as I add vendor attributes. You can still access this page and manage vendors like listings, it has URL like


    Cool- thanks ihor


    Will you also be creating user attributes e.g. specifically being able to give users who review badges, stars, verification etc.

    When do you plan to release an update for the theme as well as the premium theme?
    =D (No pressure lol)


    Is it possible to create a page that has a list of all the vendors like the ‘listing page’ ?


    1. Sure, vendor attributes feature is on the roadmap.

    2. I updated HivePress and all extensions today, there’s a new framework so some bugs may be resolved (and I guess new can appear). There’s no ETA, but I’m working on it full-time and plan to release some premium extensions and themes within a few months.

    3. There’s no such feature at the moment, but I initially designed vendors like listings (with attributes) so I’ll add a vendors section (and block for displaying them) as soon as possible.


    Any developments on the vendor side? I am more interested in the vendor section than the listing section. I am working on a small business directory and think the vendor post makes more sense to setup for this rather than listings. We would probably implement listings at some point if we allowed these small businesses to sell through our site.

    I see from the previous exchanges on this thread that you are working on this feature and are hoping to have something within a few months. Do you have any better expectation on timeframe? Could we be days or a few weeks away from being able to use vendors as easily as listings? Our project kind of hinges on this feature so I’m just trying to get a sense of feasibility as far as how long it may take.

    Thank you and best of luck in the continued development!


    I plan to release this in late March, vendors are already implemented as listings, they are just hidden for now. Please let me know what’s the use case for this, you want to use vendors as businesses and listings as their services (or products) and both should be searchable?


    Thank you for the quick reply. The short answer is yes, we would use the vendors as businesses. Initially we plan for our website to be a business directory. Eventually we would like to turn it into a market place for the businesses where they can post and sell their products.

    We’d love to have vendors unbidden to continue our build. We’d be happy to be a beta tester if that would help.



    Vendors are available in the latest version, please let me know if you find any issues. The only missing feature for now is vendor categories, but you can display and search vendors with custom attributes in the same way as listings.


    Amazing!! Thank you ihor!!

    How can we assign certain listings to vendors?


    Will it be a feature? I’m trying yo use attributes for vendor categories.


    There’re no vendor categories yet, I’ll add them sooner or later (this would require a separate vendor registration, to select the category before displaying the profile form).


    @BrownC Vendors are managed automatically, they are synced with users. So if user creates a listing then a vendor is created, both vendor and listing have this user set as “author”.

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