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Will there be options other than Google maps?

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  • valmes

    Either I am blind or Google doesn’t allow even for free trial of their Map API…

    … and since there are free (or almost free for low volume) alternatives such as OSM (Leaflet), YandexMAPs. Leaflet is there a plan to add options other than Google?


    ps: Too bad there is no function to edit your own post…


    It seems that Google offers free credit per month instead of free trial now, you can use Google Maps for free until there are a lot of users. I plan to add Mapbox support, it’s cheaper (OSM has no reliable geocoding API).


    I think Bing maps is still free. That’s why I’d love for integration for that instead of Google Maps.


    Thanks, I’ll check if it’s possible to integrate it.


    Awesome, thank you ihor. Basically integration of any mapping service that is still free to use via API key would be much appreciated by us all.


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