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Wocommerce – Expertive Integration

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  • Kcire

    Hi there are a couple of functionalities I have not been able to find how to get around.

    I have installed the Marketplace extension with woocomerce I don’t quite understand how to:

    1- integrate the my-account menu as it is different for the Expert Hive and for Woocomerce Menus. Can I merge them?

    2-I need to show the name of the logged in user and the Expert Hive does not show that. not even in the my-account.

    3-I need to show Buyer Details when a Vendor goes to the Order Page…

    (In the Buyer part there is a Contact Seller and the Billing info but I need it also the other way around.) As well as notes that the buyer have entered

    ihor developer


    1. ExpertHive uses WooCommerce for checkout and managing orders only. Unfortunately there’s no easy way to merge its account page with the WooCommerce one, but ExpertHive adds “My Orders” menu item and merges it automatically.

    2. There’s no such option by default, but it’s possible with customizations, for example by overriding the “My Account” link via a child theme and displaying the current username instead of the “My Account” text.

    3. Please let me know what details you mean, the buyer’s address or billing details? Sharing the buyer’s personal details to sellers may require some kind of permission or maybe it’s possible to resolve this via the WooCommerce “I agree to the terms of service…” option, you can require checking it via the WooCommerce settings.


    Hi Igor thanks for the fast reply….
    I see
    Regarding point 2
    How would I do that override of the my account page? What template should I override. I cannot find a page that I can override for that.
    Regarding point 3. I need seller to be able to see the address of the user that buy from them as This is a task rabbit like marketplace and Vendors will have to travel to the users provided location… I understand they can ask for it in the messages. But I want to show it also to make things faster.

    ihor developer

    If possible send temporary WP access via email and I’ll check if it’s possible to resolve these via the code snippets. If you want to customize it yourself you can try overriding this template part by placing it in the child theme’s folder (this template part defines the “My Account” link)

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