Yoast blocks the post editor

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    Hi all, I’ve checked the other topics here regarding Yoast, but haven’t found this one exactly.
    When I’m editing a blog post, the Yoast boxes are floating in the middle of the page, blocking the view and access to edit the page. Here’s a screen shot.

    I really love Yoast so I hope it is compatible with Hivepress theme.


    Please try disabling third-party plugins or switching a theme for a moment to check if this issue is caused by HivePress. Also, please make sure that there’s the latest HivePress version, I tested Yoast locally and its toolbar seems to appear at the bottom https://prnt.sc/sr9owa


    Hi Ihor, Okay, The problem only happens when editing with the Block Editor. I will use Classic Editor from now on. Unfortunately, I will not be able to update the latest HivePress plugin, my dev says, because we have so much customization that it will get overwritten and not work. So, I hope that using the previous HivePress will be do-able. Please tell me if you think there is a way around this.


    Please make sure that your dev doesn’t edit the HivePress files directly, I suggest using HivePress API instead (actions and filters), it’s possible to customize anything via the API (templates, forms, menus, etc.) and be able to update HivePress without breaking anything. The conflict with Yoast (and JetPack) plugin seems to be fixed in the latest version.

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