YoastSEO Compatibility?

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  • zulazai

    I am using YoastSEO and my front page is fine. But the listings page YoastSEO doesn’t seem to detect any of the listing text, outbound, inbound, images or other data. I am afraid to type anything of my own text into the listings page since it might break off things.

    Are you aware of any compatibility issues of Hivepress/Listing Hive with YoastSEO and why it isn’t able to detect any of the data on the pages and giving a “needs improvement” with bunch of suggestions that I cant fix.


    I’m not aware of any issues with Yoast, HivePress implements listings as a custom post type so Yoast should work for listings in the same way as with posts. You can try adding some links to the listing description and check if the first 2 warnings disappear (I guess Yoast scans the listing content, not the whole page).

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