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    Hi ihor

    How can I zoom in more on the maps on my listing pages? I would like to give my users one more level of zoom in so then can better understand where the business is located. Zoom out works fine but can’t zoom in.

    And is it possible to use a blue check mark on the verified listing?


    This zoom limit is set in the theme code, but I’ll add one more level of zoom to the next version, I plan to update the Geolocation extension this week.

    Changing the verified badge color is possible with this CSS snippet:

    .hp-listing__verified-badge {color:blue}


    Thank you @ihor look forward to updates.

    One more thing, is it possible to make the address clickable so Google maps can window can also open? Right now the address shows up as text only with a map on the right, but was wondering if we can also have it clickable text?


    Thanks, that’s a good idea, I’ll check if it’s easy to implement this without breaking the backward compatibility in the next update.


    Thank you @ @ihor yes that would be perfect, I am sure you can just put a value as ahref to the existing field so that it is clickable. This would be a game changer along with fixing the mobile review bug


    Locations are clickable now, also fixed the zoom levels.

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