Easy to use & customize

Install ListingHive with 1 click directly from your WordPress dashboard, add listing categories and attributes, adjust settings and your website is ready to launch.

WordPress website customization
Building WordPress landing pages

Truly multipurpose

There are no predefined listing categories, attributes or search filters, so you can use ListingHive to create a directory or listing website for any niche.

Free extensions included

The extensions below are included with the theme, you can also check out some premium extensions available for ListingHive.

Extensible by design

There’s a dozen of free and premium extensions that allow you to easily extend the core functionality with 1 click, directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Installing WordPress plugins
Monetizing WordPress websites

Easily monetized

With ListingHive and its extensions, there are at least 3 different ways to monetize your website and turn it into a profitable online business.

Trusted by 5,000+ websites

This theme is powered by HivePress, our multipurpose directory plugin already trusted by 5,000+ active websites.

5 stars

Killer plugin

Do exactly what it says. Awesome plugin with lots of functionalities and especially the support provided by the author.

5 stars

Happy I found it!

It seems new and very promising directory/classifieds plugin, easy to set up, clean, with all needed free features.

5 stars

6 stars

5 stars is not enough for this plugin. Fantastic design. Congratulations to the dev.

5 stars

Best directory plugin

HivePress is an exceptional plugin. Tons of customization options and very easy to use. Support is great too.

5 stars

Amazing plugin!

Professional, structured feature, and open source at the same time. Truly amazing!

Built with developers in mind

A lightweight framework with powerful APIs.

Structured Code

We follow the MVC pattern and WP coding standards, so the codebase is well-structured and readable.

Easy Theming

Easily customize ListingHive styles via the readable CSS classes or by overriding the HTML template parts.

Hooks API

A set of actions and filters that allows you to customize or extend the ListingHive core functionality.


There’s a REST API endpoint for every front-end action so you can manage ListingHive via third-party apps.

Top-notch support

ListingHive is directly supported by its developers, so any issues are resolved in the fastest and the best way possible, by people who know their product inside and out.

WordPress tech support
WordPress community support

Friendly community

The plugin that powers ListingHive is open-source, so there’s a growing community of website owners helping each other and showcasing what they built.