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Content Creators

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What can you promote?

Upsell extensions or promote themes directly.

ListingHive Theme

Promote the free ListingHive theme or the HivePress plugin and get commissions from the extension upsales.

Premium Themes

Refer new customers directly to the premium HivePress themes and get a cut from each sale.

A few dos and don’ts

Some simple rules of our affiliate program.

Please Do

  • Create blog posts or YouTube videos about HivePress;
  • Use HivePress as a base for tutorials and courses;
  • Recommend and upsell HivePress to your clients;
  • Integrate HivePress with a premium theme for sale;
  • Recommend HivePress via social media channels.

Please Don’t

  • Use the referral link for your own purchases;
  • Add the referral link to coupon websites;
  • Create spammy content, emails, or comments;
  • Promote non-existing features or mislead users;
  • Hijack official HivePress ads, e.g. via Google Ads.

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