As of HivePress 1.6.8, it’s possible for anyone to enable usage tracking from within their WordPress dashboard. By choosing to share your data, you’re helping us make HivePress better for everyone. By understanding how you’re using HivePress, we can develop more useful features, detect non-obvious issues and write better documentation.

We track non-sensitive data about how your HivePress-powered website is set up and managed. We do not track or store personal data from your website users. We may store the admin email address in order to notify you about important security issues or deprecated features.

This is the information that is sent to us:

  • HivePress version, configuration, basic details about the active extensions
  • WordPress version, configuration, basic details about the active theme and plugins
  • Basic information about the server software (e.g. PHP version and configuration)
  • Website URL and HivePress-related stats (e.g. the number of listings and categories)
  • Admin email address (used for security and deprecation notices only)

We will never publish or share your data without your clear and informed consent. If you want to opt-out of sharing data with us, simply navigate to HivePress > Settings > Integrations > HivePress Store and uncheck the Usage Tracking checkbox. Drop us a line at if you also want to erase the previously collected data related to your website.

Thanks for helping us keep HivePress awesome!