1. Support period

We provide support and updates only to customers with a valid license key for 6 months (or 12 months for extended support) starting from the initial purchase date. If you refund your Product purchase, the license key will become invalid.

2. Support channels

Support for our Products is primarily provided via the support forum. We may also ask you to email us the login details for your WordPress installation at support@hivepress.io if we need them to assist you.

3. Response times

We strive to answer all support requests within 24 hours or less, excluding weekends and holidays. Support requests sent during weekends or public holidays will be processed on the next business day.

4. What is covered by support

Installation and usage

We offer help with the Product installation and usage by providing general guidance related to the Product functionality.

Bug fixes

We will fix any defects in our Products as quickly as possible after they are reported. We will also try to provide a temporary solution for smaller defects before the scheduled Product update.


We update our Products to ensure ongoing compatibility with WordPress and other third-party products and services advertised in the Product description. In addition to compatibility updates, we may release other updates to improve or modify the functionality of Products.

5. What is not covered by support


We provide our Products as is. While we can help you install and configure our Products, we do not customize our Products or support any third-party customizations. Customization is anything that changes how the Product looks or functions relative to how we make it available to you.

Third-party products and services

Unless stated in the Product description, we can’t guarantee compatibility with third-party products and services or take responsibility for issues related to third-party products and services, including, but not limited to, hosting services, server environment, or software.

6. Refusal of support

Because of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, we reserve the right to refuse support to citizens and legal entities of the Russian Federation and Belarus. If this is the case, we will cancel the purchase and issue a refund as per the applicable refund policy.

This policy is effective as of 11 October 2023.