Over the past few years, it’s become easier than ever to create job boards, classifieds or directory websites without any coding skills by simply using WordPress. However, this versatile content management system is not limited to basic listing websites. It allows you to create multivendor marketplaces as well. For example, it’s no longer a tough deal to create a micro-jobs website like Fiverr with WordPress.

To build a fully functioning freelance marketplace, the only thing you need is a proper micro job WordPress theme packed with all the required features for launching a Fiverr clone marketplace. That’s why we’ve prepared a collection of the best micro job WordPress themes and compared them by different criteria so you can pick the one that will suit your project the best.

By using one of these themes, you’ll be able to create your own marketplace where freelancers can list their services, and customers can find and contact service providers hassle-free. And, of course, you’ll have several different options to make money with your website, like taking commissions or charging flat fees.

So, let’s dive in without wasting time!

List of the Best Micro Job WordPress Themes for Building a Freelance Platform like Fiverr


TaskHive, a micro job WordPress theme.

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TaskHive is a lightweight yet highly functional micro job WordPress theme that is already packed with all the features you may need for launching a micro-jobs platform. For example, it includes users’ dashboards, requests and offers so you can create a two-sided marketplace, messages to allow chatting, a complete review system to rate freelancers, and so on.

TaskHive is powered by HivePress, a free WordPress directory plugin that will provide the bulk of your site’s functions. Integration with HivePress allows you to have additional features on your freelance platform, and you can rest assured that your data won’t be lost if you ever switch the theme.

With TaskHive, you can monetize your peer-to-peer marketplace in at least two different ways: by taking a commission from each transaction and by charging freelancers for listing their services. Also, keep in mind that the theme is fully integrated with WooCommerce, which means that you can accept, manage and process payments easily, relying on WooCommerce’s proven track record.

The theme is crazy customizable since it doesn’t have any predetermined fields or search filters, and you can easily add your own ones without any limitations. Also, TaskHive is fully compatible with Gutenberg block editor that allows you to create impressive layouts with a drag and drop feature.

TaskHive Extensibility

Since there’s always room for improvement, you can enhance your freelance marketplace with TaskHive extensions. At the time of writing, there are 6 free and 10 premium TaskHive add-ons that can be easily installed from the WordPress dashboard. The following extensions go with TaskHive free of price:

  • Marketplace – Allow users to sell listings.
  • Paid Listings – Charge freelancers for adding new services.
  • Tags – Allow service providers to set listing tags.
  • Messages – Allow users to exchange messages and attachments.
  • Favorites – Allow website visitors to create a list of favorite services.
  • Requests – Let customers post requests and receive offers.
  • Geolocation – Enable the location-based search on your peer-to-peer marketplace.
  • Reviews – Allow users to review and rate provided services.

You can easily add different extra features to your marketplace of services in a few clicks right from your WP dashboard.

TaskHive Price

The TaskHive’s single-site lifetime license costs $79 and includes one year of tech support with unlimited updates. In case you want to add some extra features to your micro jobs website, the price for premium extensions ranges from $29 to $39 for a one-site license.

TaskHive Support

The TaskHive theme goes with 6 months of premium support. Users can create a topic on the support forum or contact the support team via email if they have any issues with setting up TaskHive. Since the theme is directly supported by its developers, folks who’re familiar with all the nitty-gritty elements, all the issues are always resolved in the best possible way.

Also, if you have some special requirements or need custom features, you can send a customization request to tailor your HivePress website to suit your business.

Key Takeaways

Extensibility ✔️
Extensions Included✔️ 9
Support Included✔️ 6 months


Taskerr, a Fiverr clone WordPress theme.

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Taskerr is another micro job WordPress theme that may be an option for creating a freelance platform like Fiverr. The theme goes with minimalist and a bit outdated design, but it still functions pretty well. Among other features included with Taskerr, there are built-in notifications, favorites, messages, ratings, etc.

Taskerr uses the “classifieds monetization model”, which means that you can create and sell different premium packages as well as mark certain listings featured for an additional fee. As for payment gateways, you can use built-in PayPal Adaptive Payments.

However, keep in mind that the most lucrative monetization model for service marketplaces is “commissions,” which allows you to take a cut of all transactions made on your freelance platform. Unfortunately, the Taskerr theme doesn’t support the “commissions” feature, so you won’t be able to take a percentage of each sale which drastically lowers your potential profits.

Taskerr Extensibility

You can add some extra features to your peer-to-peer marketplace by using some of Taskerr’s add-ons. You can visit the official theme website and check out a list of the available extensions. Among others, you can add sales statistics, coupons extension, advanced payments functionality and so on.

Taskerr Price

For $69, you get the micro job theme itself with a lifetime license, premium support and 12 months of automatic updates ($29 each year after that). Also, if you are willing to purchase some of the add-ons, the price ranges from $5 to $39 per license.

Taskerr Support

Premium support of 12 months is included with the theme, so you can use an official support forum if you encounter any troubles or notice a bug. Also, there’s basic documentation and simple tutorials that allow you to set up the theme by yourself.

Key Takeaways

Extensibility ✔️
Extensions Included
Support Included✔️ 12 months


Pricerr, a freelance marketplace WordPress theme.

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Pricerr is a micro job WordPress theme from the SiteMile team that allows you to create a Fiverr clone website with WordPress. The theme comes with a modern design that resembles the Fiverr website and has many marketplace functions, like job posting, service purchasing, messaging, an availability calendar, etc.

If you want to make money with your service marketplace, you can use one of the monetization options. For example, you can charge users for adding listings and featuring them or set up commissions. In order to handle payments, the theme is integrated with PayPal and Stripe.

Also, if you want to customize layouts of your peer-to-peer marketplace, you can use Elementor or WPBakery page builders that are fully compatible with Pricerr. Additionally, you can add a mobile app that integrates with your site to have a new channel for acquiring customers (available only for an additional price).

Pricerr Extensibility

If you need extra features for your micro job marketplace, you can install Pricerr’s extensions. For example, you can add the geolocation feature, VAT Integration, booking calendar, memberships, various payment gateways etc. However, there are no free extensions, so you’ll have to pay even for the “requests” functionality.

Pricerr Price

If you want to buy the Pricerr theme, you have several membership plans to choose from:

  • Basic – $149
  • Pro – $299
  • Pro Custom – $1399
  • Entrepreneur – $5299
  • Entrepreneur Plus – $6399

Each plan includes the theme, 6 months of free updates and support. The theme’s price differs depending on the extensions included, integration with mobile apps and custom work services. Also, keep in mind that you’ll need to pay $19/year to get automatic updates if you want to keep your website up to date.

We recommend checking the official website to get a better understanding of the available plans.

Pricerr Support

For the Basic plan, you’ll get 6 months of premium support that includes fixing bugs and resolving issues regarding the theme’s functionality. You can request a longer support period for an additional price. 

Key Takeaways

Extensibility ✔️
Extensions Included
Support Included✔️ 6 months


FiverrWP, a micro job WordPress theme.

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FiverrWP is another micro job WordPress theme for turning your website into a freelance marketplace. It includes features like on-site notifications, chatbox, social login, reviews, etc. All this functionality allows you to create a basic service marketplace that matches freelancers with customers, and you can even turn it into a profitable business.

FiverrWP offers the “commissions” monetization method. So you’ll be able to earn a percentage of every payment made on your site. In addition, popular payment gateways, like Stripe, PayPal, MobilPay, are integrated with FiverrWP, making payments fast and secure.

If you want to customize certain parts or the whole layout template of your website, you can do it with the Elementor page builder that is compatible with FiverrWP.

FiverrWP Extensibility

Please note that FiverrWP doesn’t have any official add-ons, so you won’t be able to extend your website’s functionality without special coding knowledge. Moreover, you cannot create custom listing fields or search filters on your marketplace since everything is hardcoded and cannot be tailored to your needs.

FiverrWP Price

If you want to purchase this micro job WordPress theme, you’ll have to pay $79 yearly for a membership plan that includes a lifetime license​, 12 months of free updates and support.

FiverrWP Support

Developers guarantee 12 months of premium support, available either via support forum or directly via email. Also, there’s a knowledge base and FAQs section that you can use to set up the theme.

Key Takeaways

Extensions Included
Support Included✔️ 12 months


MicrojobEngine, a freelance marketplace WordPress theme.

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MicrojobEngine is one of the most popular Fiverr clone WordPress themes, which allows you to create a fully functioning micro jobs marketplace. It has a professional-looking design with various customization options and highly intuitive admin menus that make it easy to use the theme.

MicrojobEngine goes with many features that are essential for launching a service marketplace like Fiverr. For example, it has a two-sided order tracking feature so both buyers and sellers can easily track all orders, a direct chatbox for communication, a review system for rating freelancers, and so on.

This micro job WordPress theme is compatible with the Elementor page builder, so you can get rid of shortcodes and customize your templates with the drag and drop feature.

MicrojobEngine Extensibility

If you are missing some features on your website, or you simply want to extend its functionality for the sake of user experience, feel free to check the MicrojobEngine add-ons. In total, there are 10+ premium extensions. Also, there’s one add-on that goes for free (PayPal Express Checkout).

However, keep in mind that if you want to monetize your marketplace of services, you’ll have to buy some premium add-ons since even the “featured jobs” feature is not included with the theme.

MicrojobEngine Price

The price for this micro job WordPress theme differs depending on the membership plan you choose:

  • Basic – $89. It’s a price for the theme and basic child themes.
  • Plus – $189. This package includes everything in Basic and 4 add-ons.
  • Pro $329. This one is packed with the theme and all the extensions.

Please note that each membership plan goes with 12 months of free support and updates. After a one-year period, you’ll have to pay extra money to keep your website up to date.

MicrojobEngine Support

The theme is supported by its developers (12 months), and the support service covers fixing themes & extensions bugs. Also, there’s an extensive knowledge base with detailed docs that you can use for setting up your marketplace.

Key Takeaways

Extensibility ✔️
Extensions Included✔️ 1
Support Included✔️ 12 months


Jobster, a service marketplace WordPress theme.

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Jobster is another micro job WordPress theme that may be a good option for launching your own Fiverr using WordPress. First of all, the theme goes with a really cool design, and the website looks good by default. However, besides a Jobster’s look and feel, it’s packed with many useful marketplace features, like service requests, messages, a notification system, multi-currency support, etc.

With Jobster, you can monetize your micro jobs marketplace by setting commissions based on the user status and/or total transaction amount. The theme has 10+ fully integrated payment gateways, along with PayPal, Stripe and Bank Payments, so you can easily process and accept payments on your platform.

The theme is integrated with WPBakery Page Builder, so it won’t be an issue for you to customize your layouts with a popular block editor. Additionally, the theme has iOS and Android apps that you can use as an extra source of potential customers (go for an additional fee).

However, bear in mind that if you are not tech-savvy, it may be uncomfortable for you to work with Jobster since its backend is not really user-friendly and a bit messy.

Jobster Extensibility

Jobster has several add-ons that you can use if you need some additional features on your website. Please note that all extensions are premium, and in order to create a well-functioning freelance marketplace, you’ll have to purchase some extensions. For example, “featured services” and “packages” features go for an extra price.

Jobster Price

You can get the Jobster theme by purchasing one of the following packages:

  • Beginner – $98. The package includes a lifetime license for one website and 45 days of support.
  • Webmaster – $350. This one includes a license for 2 websites, standard support for 3 months and 6 extensions.
  • Developer – $699. Here you get a license for 3 websites, 6 months of support and 11 add-ons.
  • Entrepreneur – $1200. The final package includes 12 months of premium support, a lifetime license for 4 websites and all extensions.

Jobster Support

The support is provided via a support portal where you can submit a support ticket and get a response within 24 hours. Keep in mind that the cheapest Jobster package includes only 45 days of support.

Key Takeaways

Extensibility ✔️
Extensions Included
Support Included✔️ 45 days

Micro Jobs

Micro Jobs Theme.

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Finally, we got to the last micro job WordPress theme within this list that we’d like to show you – Micro Jobs. It is built with a clean and minimal design, so anyone can use it to create a freelance website like Fiverr with WordPress. In addition, the theme offers you most of the features and options that are required for launching your business. For example, it goes with advanced search tools, feedback & ratings, workflow system, memberships packages, etc.

The Micro Jobs theme is integrated with the Elementor page builder, which allows you to customize your pages without any shortcodes by simply adding, changing or removing layout blocks.

This theme allows you to monetize your freelance platform by setting up subscription plans and by charging commissions from each purchase on your website. Also, there’s an integrated advertising system that allows you to sell banner space.

Micro Jobs Extensibility

The theme’s developers offer some additional plugins that allow you to extend your website’s core functionality. Most of them allow you to add extra payment gateways, but you can also add some handy features like the “coupons plugin” or “YouTube video import”.

Micro Jobs Price

You can purchase this Fiverr clone WordPress theme on the official website for $99. It includes unlimited installations on one website, 6 months of free updates and 6 months of basic support. Also, please note that there’s only a 10-day money-back guarantee, unlike the other premium themes that guarantee 30 days.

Micro Jobs Support

With the theme, you’ll get 6 months of free support that is available via the support ticket system. Additionally, a wide knowledge base allows you to set up your website by following step-by-step tutorials.

Key Takeaways

Extensibility ✔️
Extensions Included✔️
Support Included✔️ 6 months

Wrapping Up

That’s all for today! We hope that this collection of the best micro job WordPress themes will help you to choose the right theme for your project. By selecting one of the themes above, you’ll be able to create a freelance platform like Fiverr with WordPress in next to no time.

Keep in mind that the properly chosen WordPress theme will provide you with the design and, most importantly – functionality required for launching a freelance website, so pick it wisely to get the most out of your website. That’s why we recommend using the TaskHive micro job WordPress theme since it’s an all-in-one solution with tons of features, various add-ons and customization options.

Additionally, you can check our overview of the top-notch freelance marketplace themes.

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